Live streaming is more and more popular today and common television is slowly but surely being forgotten. Nobody wants to mess with big advertisement blocks in the middle of a cliffhanger, or to miss out an important moment in a movie or news for going for popcorn. The advantage of live streaming online is great, but you’ve probably come across some issues when trying to make some shows work, and we are here to explain how to come over, by streaming TV8 any time.

Can’t find a MotoGP stream?

The way that live streaming works is different from a country to a country. What works in one may not be available in another. This is due to copyrights legislation and other contractual obligations between a stream provider and the content provider. In countries such as Italy or Switzerland streaming MotoGP is not available.

Before giving up, let’s go more in-depth to the reasons why this happens.

It has to do with your device and the way it communicates with the internet. Every device on the internet has a unique address in order to plainly receive data from the server. It works like – hey! Send the MotoGP stream here! What’s this ‘here’? It’s called the IP address and it has several features to it. One of the features is the actual, physical location of your device. 

Let’s say you want to stream MotoGP from Italy. What happens is that the Server checks your IP address and through it – it checks your location. Through the IP address it figures your session is in Italy and it goes like ‘Nah, I’m not allowed to give you this stream while you are in Italy’. On the other hand, if you connected to the server in Turkey, the server checks it and gives you the rights to stream, because different legislation is active in Turkey, making the streaming MotoGP available.

How to overcome this?

One way to bypass the streaming bans is to obviously go to another country, the one that allows these streams to happen. But this is obviously much more expensive than simply buying a package that gives you the rights to watch a show at your provider.

The other way is to use a VPN. VPN is an internet app that plays with IP addresses so that it can provide your device with another IP address that’s registered in another country, where other laws and legislation are in force. For example, if you are in Italy, you can connect to the Internet via VPN choosing Turkey as your IP residence, giving you all the rights to watch or use the internet in any other way that’s legal and available in Turkey. If Turkey in particular does not give you rights for streams or content you want, simply switch to Singapore, or any other country that allows for the content.

VPN can provide you with all kinds of additional internet security and privacy options, and there are many VPN programs on the market. We recommend NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN, and Express VPN.