Every project begins with an understanding of what you want to accomplish, the available space, and the key qualities that it must contain in order to meet all of the requirements to which it is required to answer. This is true for every kind of design you wish to adopt, but especially for the kitchen, which is the heart of the home and where the family gathers after a long day at work. This is why, with the use of the free kitchen design software you can expect to have the best kitchen design.

Try To Plan According To Your Need

As a result, properly designing a kitchen entails facilitating and making the daily routine of family chores more pleasant, while also attempting to meet the requirements of people who live there. The first step in avoiding mistakes is to determine the importance of this environment in daily life, that is, how much it should represent the main place in which to spend part of the day, whether to insert only a kitchenette for a quick stop or whether to place a nice cozy table to have daily meals with family and friends, and many other small details that will detract from the overall effect.

Utilize Every Corner

The available space may be utilized without bare regions by making suitable composition choices. The primary aim of a well-designed kitchen is to make it both practical and attractive.

Before purchasing kitchen furniture, it is critical to carefully take the necessary measurements, taking care to include the various windows, doors, light, water, and gas points, as well as any electrical sockets that may be present in the environment. All of this must be well organized for the composition of the work areas in such a way that the movements become easier. It is possible to construct a variety of kitchen projects depending on the room’s size. For fairly small spaces, an optimum and sensible option is to arrange the furniture along a single wall to obtain free space in the room.

Why You Should Plan ‘L’ Shaped Kitchens

If, on the other hand, the available space is very big, the kitchen may be set up in parallel, using both sides of the area. The L-shaped kitchen is also extremely attractive and has a wonderful visual impact, and is especially well suited to medium-sized rooms, while for those seeking an atmosphere with a unique design, an island-equipped kitchen is a viable alternative to the traditional kitchen. With Foyr Neo you can have the perfect solution present.

Kitchen with Peninsula

The equally beautiful and functional kitchen with peninsula, arranged on two walls of the room, with the addition of an extension that can serve as a table for breakfast or quick snacks, or the equally beautiful and functional kitchen with peninsula, arranged on two walls of the room, with the addition of a peninsula that can serve as a work bench and in which it is possible to insert a hob, a sink, drawers or baskets useful as a pantry for food.


Finally, a suggestion not to be overlooked is to arrange the modular furniture in such a way as to facilitate the various sequences of the four main functions, such as food storage, preparation, washing, and cooking, by placing the refrigerator and food pantry next to the worktop, sink, and kitchenette to reduce the various movements from one point of the room to another.