We frequently hear people say “Oh, I’d rather not ruin this site with Search engine optimization! That kind of content sounds horrible!”

Search engine optimization does not ruin websites… however, poorly created attempts at creating optimised copy can very easily achieve this! Ever experienced an internet site such as this?

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It’s enough to show you off moustache trimmers and beard clippers for existence! Fortunately, Search engine optimization copy does not need to be like this, as lengthy while you follow some fundamental guidelines.

Vary keywords

Your Search engine optimization company will request you to consider some keywords which describe your company, as well as use their very own techniques to determine keywords highly relevant to you. Think creatively just a little whenever your keyword list has been built.

Use lengthy tail keywords

Whereas ‘bicycle’ is really a short tail keyword, ‘Shimano bike gear’, ‘bicycle repair kits’, ‘kids bike helmets’, etc, are lengthy tail keywords. Utilising these lengthy tail keywords might help your traffic figures and conversion statistics in addition to making your copywriting seem natural and relevant.

Use different word forms, acronyms and variations

Google is not as specific or prescriptive as it was once in deciding which pages are relevant to particular search phrase.

For instance, whenever you look for ‘search engine optimization’ while using American spelling, you will also get Australian results spelt by having an ‘s’.

Do not feel you need to structure each keyworded sentence a specific means by to preserve the keyword just as it seems inside your list – Google’s much freer nowadays!