Buying a new cell phone every few years can be expensive, but you probably can’t imagine your life without one. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace a broken phone, here are a few ways to save money when you do it.

1. Buy a Used iPhone

Buying a used phone is a little like purchasing a used car. You want it to look good and perform even better. There are a few different options when you want to buy certified used iPhone 11. Local cell phone carriers and electronics stores carry various gently used iPhones to choose what you want. Visiting a store in person allows you to inspect the phone, ensuring everything works well before buying it. Another option is to purchase online but stick to reputable sellers who guarantee satisfaction, so you don’t get a phone that doesn’t work. 

2. Take Advantage of Annual Sales Events

The holidays are a popular time for sales in every store, including cell phone carriers. Usually, Black Friday sales are some of the best of the year. Many times you can find hundreds of dollars off the newest line of iPhones during this time. Sometimes these sales include extra accessories, too, so it’s a great time to purchase any supplies you need. Service providers also run sales during this time and have options like a free phone when you trade in your current phone or add a new line. 

3. Make Monthly Payments

Consider leasing instead of purchasing if you need a new phone right away and can’t wait for the annual sales. Many providers give you the option to pay for a phone over 24 months. This makes your payment upfront much less, and most of the time, you don’t have to pay interest. After the term of your lease, you own the phone and no longer have to make payments. 

4. Purchase an Older Model

When new phones come out, everyone wants an upgrade. This is a perfect time to buy the last model because many places are clearing out their old merchandise. Since these phones are only a year or two old, the technology is still new, and the phones can last for many years. 

When you’re shopping for a new iPhone, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. If you shop during the sales, buy a used phone, lease a new phone or purchase last year’s model