If you’re new to Homebridge, these are all the plugins you’ll need to have in your smart home. Just starting with Homebridge? Here are the best home bridge plugins that enable automation more accessible than ever before.

Homebridge is compatible with a wide range of smart home devices, many of which you are likely already using. It manages these devices via plugins loaded from the Homebridge web interface. We’ll show you various plugins that make automation simple, and we’ll show you how to get them to operate with your Homebridge system.

  1. The Homebridge Alexa

Amazon Alexa can now control your Homebridge devices thanks to this plugin. It works with all Alexa voice assistants and integrates using a skill-based method. It will also handle numerous Homebridge instances.

Devices Supported

Bulbs, switches, plugs, garage doors, motion detectors, fountains, Apple TV, Spotify, smart locks, heat contact sensors, and windows face covering are all examples of smart home technology.

  1. Google Smart Home

The Google Smart Home plugin is for you but if you choose to use Google Home instead of Alexa. It enables smart device control from any Google Home-enabled smart speaker. This plugin does need Homebridge to be insecurely configured. You must have a google smart home for a smart residential.

Devices Supported

Switch, outlets, fans, light bulbs, window treatments, gates, garage doors, thermostats, heater coolers, TVs, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors are all examples of electrical components.

  1. Meross

Meross is only now embracing HomeKit control, although older Meross devices will require Homebridge. The Meross MSG100 garage door opener is a popular alternative to the Chamberlain MyQ G-0301. This plugin manages the MSG100 as well as other Meross smart devices.

This plugin requires both the Internet address of your Meross devices and the Meross app to function properly.

Devices Supported

Garage door openers, intelligent bulbs, switches, kitchen electronics, humidifiers, and lights are all examples of smart home devices.

  1. Ring of Home bridge

Do you own a Ring doorbell or a security camera? This Homebridge plugin gives you access to all Ring-compatible products. Needed to put, all of your Ring devices and video streams will display in Apple Home together.

Ring Doorbells, Ring Camera, Ring Alarm System, and Ring Connected Lighting are all supported devices.

  1. TP-Link Smarthome Homebridge

This plugin is required if you want all of your Kasa Smart app devices to show in Apple Home. After finishing the installation and restarting your Homebridge server, it will automatically recognize TP-Link devices linked to Kasa Smart.

Devices Supported

Kasa Smart-compatible light switches, bulbs, and smart plugs

  1. Tuya Web Homebridge

Homebridge Tuya Web enables Homebridge to control Smart Life-enabled smart devices. If you utilise the app, you’ll notice that Smart Life supports a wide range of devices. For the complete list, we recommend checking the app.

Devices Supported

Smart lamps, plugs, wall switches, dimmable bulbs, appliances, health & fitness devices, smart trackers, locks, watering controllers, and other devices are available.

  1. Tesla Homebridge

This incredible plugin enables you to control your Tesla vehicle via Siri and Apple Home. You can lock the car, open the trunk, activate the climate settings, and even pop the charge port open.

Devices Supported 

Tesla automobiles

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