They say that the best camera is one that is accessible when we need to click. Thinking about it, and upgrade the photos you take of your little one. Here are steps on how to take good photos.

Step 1: A Help In The Framework

Before anything, go to “settings,” click on the “Photos & Camera” icon and activate the “Grid” item, leaving the green ball! The “Grid” or grid are those squares that divide the screen into nine parts. This will help you frame your photos better and make them straighter. Always use the horizon, or the ceiling, floor, table, door frame, as a reference.

Step 2: The “Rule Of Thirds”

Start training the “rule of thirds,” which photographers already use automatically. This rule basically (and very briefly) consists of not just clicking centering the object. The main idea is that the photos are much more beautiful, exciting and stand out better for the eyes when we place the little one on one side of the photo, at one of the intersections that appear from the meeting of the lines in the corners (either the bottom of the bottom). Up). Try it, and you will understand!

Step 3: Those Letters On Tele Are Your Friends

Now enter the regular camera app and click on HDR, activating “on” (I think only the iPhone 5s, 6, and 6s have this). HDR means “high dynamic range” in English. This mode uses a combination of lighter and darker images of the same photo, resulting in a more balanced, sharp, and more detailed final click.

Step 4: Focused And Dark Photo Never Again

For you to focus, place your finger on top of the object you want to highlight. At the same time, a yellow square will appear with a “sun” on the right. Well, click on the sun or “throw it” upwards. This will lighten your photo. Do not lighten too much so as not to lose sharpness. If so, you can also darken the photo by dropping it down. That makes all the difference.

Step 5: Do You Need Zoom?

Another thing (almost irresistible) is that it is not recommended to “zoom” in the cell phone photos. What happens is that the camera cuts the image to get closer, which results in a blurry, blurred image. If you need to zoom in, you do it after taking the photo, usually without zooming. So, at least you will have the original photo in better resolution. Enhancing the photo like in give the picture a good result.