February 22, 2024

Creating your own MDF shelves is a great challenge that can be tackled by beginners. MDF shelves are not only affordable but are also easy to maintain and customizable. For those of you who are unaware of what MDF means, MDF is Medium Density Fiberboard. It is a composite that is made from wood fibers, and it’s shaped into the desired size and shape. mdf shelves diyensure that you have enough space to store items on the wall and help keep your home clean and organized.

Creating your own MDF shelves is not as difficult as it seems at first, and with the correct tools, the process can be completed easily. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create your MDF shelves.

Measuring the Space

The first step in creating your MDF shelves is measuring the space where you want to install them. You need to measure the width and height of the area and determine the depth of the shelf. It’s essential to measure accurately to ascertain that the shelves will fit correctly.

Buying the Materials

Once you’ve measured the area, it’s time to buy all the materials you’ll need to create the shelves. Here are the essential materials that you’ll require:

MDF board

Shelf brackets






Make sure you purchase all the materials from the same location to reduce the chances of any errors in your DIY project.

Creating the Shelves

Start by using a saw to cut the MDF board to your measurement specifications. You can use a standard saw or a jigsaw. In case you want the shelf’s edges to be curved, you can make use of a router for curving the front edges. It’s essential to sand down the rough edges while wearing a mask to prevent any dust from getting into your lungs.

Mount the Shelf Brackets

Use the drill to install the shelf brackets. Make sure that the screws tightly secure the brackets in place to hold the shelves securely.

Paint and Install the Shelves

After mounting the brackets, paint the shelves to your desired color. Let the paint dry completely before inserting the shelves into the brackets. Ensure that you attach the shelves firmly onto the brackets with screws to prevent any accidents.


Creating MDF shelves is an excellent DIY project for beginners as it’s not difficult and doesn’t require expert knowledge. Using our step-by-step guide, you can quickly create your MDF shelves in no time. Ensure that you have all the necessary materials and equipment beforehand to prevent any obstacles during the process. Once you’ve completed installing your shelves, you’ll be glad you took on the challenge and enjoy the extra storage space in your home.