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Signing documents is a big part of your job. You like to think about the trees that are cut down to make paper and ink, and the gas that’s used to transport these materials around the world (and this doesn’t even include all of the time spent on planes). But then there’s another aspect of signing that takes up time – clutter.  Signing and storing paper documents takes up an incredible amount of space and is a huge waste of paper. If you’re not familiar with e signature software, it’s a great way to remove clutter from your office by reducing the need for physical signatures.

Think about the trees

So, you know that e signature software is a greener solution. But how much greener? That’s an important question to ask when considering any new technology. At first glance, it may seem like there aren’t many trees involved in e signatures—and you’d be right. The real question is: what would happen if every single person used traditional ink pens instead of e signatures?

If all those documents were handwritten and mailed around instead of being electronically signed on screen, it would save on all ofl the work needed to harvest trees just for paper production alone. And then consider all the additional human resources required from people who must print out each document before mailing it off or delivering it by hand. It’s no surprise that e signatures are so much more eco-friendly than their traditional counterparts; they don’t require any materials at all except electricity.

That’s why using electronic signatures saves money too—a lot more than most people realize at first glance. This is because they’re not thinking about how much time and effort goes into producing each document before sending it back through snail mail channels like FedEx or UPS delivery services (or even worse: airplanes).

Think about the gas

Consider the environment and your impact on it when choosing whether to use e signatures for your business, but also consider how much time you’re spending trying to get employees’ signatures. How is that impacting gas prices? And what about the time spent by your employees driving to and from work? You can save money by using electronic signatures, but you also have to consider how much gas money you’re spending on employees’ commutes and how they are best served by e signature software.

Think about the clutter

E signature software is a great way to reduce paper clutter, because it eliminates the need for printing, signing, and scanning every document. And since you can send electronically signed documents from anywhere in the world, there’s no need to meet with your colleagues face-to-face anymore. This means that you save time and money on travel costs as well as expensive office space—and it also helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions from commuting.

Think about the time

Think about the time you can save with e signature software. It’s a great way to avoid the hassle of printing documents and then scanning them to sign them, or having to find an envelope, stamp, and mail your signed documents. How much time is your staff spending trying to get signatures from the CEO and other executives? This takes away from their productivity, which impacts you and your bottom line. Electronic signatures are easy to use, so there’s no reason for any employee not to sign a document electronically.


In conclusion, e signature software is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional signed pen-and-paper agreements. Electronic signatures are a more efficient option for businesses that have to sign a lot of documents daily and save time by eliminating the need for paper copies of contracts or other documents. If you want to save trees, reduce your carbon footprint and go green with your e signature solution.