Creating successful twitch channels is the current fashion thanks to its profitability compared to youtube.

But it is also true that it requires certain personal characteristics that not everyone has at the beginning and that you will have to develop to engage the audience.

If you have a good internet connection, I recommend this option more than youtube.

Requirements You Need To Have A Quality Stream Of League Of Legends

Be a Diamond II at least (if you are a much better Grandmaster). I am very sorry, but it is the truth if what you want is really that your stream works you have to know how to play league of legends very well (maybe not as much as a challenger, but elo booster at Most channels where there is a low level of play often fail or fail to reach the necessary audience to be able to win real money.

Have a unique and transparent personality in front of the audience that makes them have a good time. Do not pretend to lie to the audience with stories, you must always tell them what you think (of course maintaining a certain degree of respect), no, or almost no viewer likes to enter a stream and that the streamer in question insults him.

Be humble. Within the top of the league of legends, you are in, being humble will attract you much more social traffic than not being, why? Because you’re good at playing and besides, you don’t believe God. That attracts people because you stay at their level and identify more with you.

If you identify with these characteristics that I have told you, start to stream, because surely within 12 months you are already around 1000 dollars per month if you get about 400 subscribers.