Many individuals wonder if they can sell on Amazon if they aren’t the professional seller. To that question, there is only one answer: a resounding yes. Big brands aren’t the only ones who use Amazon. With the help of the FBA guide on Amazon, anyone can sell.

Starting to sell on Amazon, on the other hand, can be intimidating. As a result, many dubious people about the platform’s potential start off as individual vendors. It is free to use and allows vendors to test the waters before swimming into the Amazon Marketplace’s deep end. All you need to get started is a fantastic product to sell.

Introduction to Amazon’s seller account

Let’s look at what an Amazon individual seller account has to offer before we get into building one. You’ll be asked to choose between opening a personal seller account and creating a professional seller account when registering a new seller account.

1. Account for each seller

You can open an individual account for free, but every sale you make on Amazon will cost you $0.99 in commission. Every Amazon sale also includes additional referral fees and variable closing fees. Individual vendors lack access to or are unable to accomplish the following:

  1. Get comprehensive inventory reports.
  2. Sell things that are prohibited or products that fall under limited categories.
  3. Make use of Amazon’s ad offerings.
  4. Organize promotions
  5. Make a large number of listings
  6. Add as many users as you want to your account.
  7. Create new product detail pages or make changes to those you already have.
  8. Calculate shipping costs.

2. Account for professional sellers

Every month, a professional account will cost you $39.99, plus some additional referral fees and variable closing fees for each sale. ‘Professional’ sellers are not charged any extra $0.99 for each item sold, unlike individual Amazon seller accounts. Professional seller accounts have access to additional advertising capabilities, in-depth inventory reports, and the ability to run specials, among other things.

When should you become an Amazon individual seller?

The basic seller plan on Amazon is an individual seller account. If you sell fewer than 40 things each month, it’s cost-effective, and the pay-as-you-go concept assures that you don’t overspend. You can always convert to a professional selling plan once you start selling more than 40 things every month. When they first start selling on Amazon, many vendors do this. They begin as a one-person Amazon seller to test the waters and measure demand for their goods.

How can you set up an Amazon personal seller account?

The procedure of registering to sell on Amazon is simple. It should only take you an hour, and you may speed things up by having the following information and documents on hand:

  • Your legal name, business name, and mailing address are as follows: Your ‘legal name’ will not be made public, but customers will see your business name when purchasing your product.
  • Any proof of identity issued by your government is called a government-issued ID.
  • Information about contacting us: Setting up a different email account for your Amazon business is recommended. Customers and Amazon will contact you directly using your contact information. Also, have a working phone number on hand. Amazon will verify your contact information.