Based on the National Automobile Dealers Association, you will find over 17,000 new vehicle dealers within the U.S. and Canada. There’s no data on the following point, but dealers I have labored for presently average some 1,700 calls each year towards the service department associated with electronics issues. When the average holds over the industry, this means that new vehicle dealer service departments handle nearly $ 30 million calls annually associated with electronics issues. Thirty million!

This phenomenon is caused by a constantly-growing density of advanced systems in vehicles. Satnav systems, traction and stability control, Bluetooth systems and message screens. Next, Wireless and smartphone-like applications! Seriously, who’s likely to perform the driving? Computer crashes are soon to defend myself against another meaning.

Ford was lately come to task because its systems were too complicated, even though the organization has labored to simplify MyFord Touch, it’s also announced a larger focus on driver education. Following a spate of not so good news regarding fires within the Volt following accidents, Chevrolet noted, amongst other things, that the organization must “educate the general public” to disconnect battery. And VW has additionally elevated its driver teaching programs to create its vehicles readily available.

The car industry continues to be beating its collective mind from the wall for many years within the issue of driver education. “If perhaps motorists would learn…” Even while it’s building the same as the VCR having a clock merely a select couple of understand how to set. The main difference is the fact that a VCR is only going to make you stranded in the center of a film or Television show whether it fails – not in the center of nowhere.

If the phrase madness does exactly the same factor again and again and expecting another result, then your auto market is putting on a collective straight jacket. The space between your auto industry and also the understanding they want motorists possessed is constantly on the widen. It’s $ 30 million good reasons to find approaches apart from “driver education” to user issues.