For any website to perform well and beat the competition online, SEO is a must. Businesses incorporate SEO in their website to maintain their rankings on search engines and gain organic traffic. They also hire seo 公司  to make precise SEO strategies for the businesses.

Some tips to make the website SEO friendly are as follows:

Make URL user friendly

If the website’s URL structure is not your priority, you need to give it priority as it is important. You should make simple URLs so that you can make unique URLs for every page. Keep in mind the finer details.

Don’t write duplicate content

No one will ask about the duplicate content but it creates SEO issues and will decrease your ranking especially in case of internal duplicates. So, you should check the content duplicacy to maintain your website ranking at the top.

Make an XML sitemap

You may know that XML sitemap helps the search engines to understand the structure of your website when crawling it. When you provide more data to the Google, it will know which page is most valuable and important for you and give priority.

Make your website compatible with all devices

The website and its content must be compatible on all types of devices so that every user can use and enjoy a user experience. There are different types of tools that can help to make your website mobile-friendly, just you need to decide which solution needs to be implemented.

Apply Robots.txt

There are some pages of your website that you do not want to crawl because you don’t want to waste your crawl budget, so you can use a robots.txt. It also tells the bots of the search engines the web pages that can’t crawl. Keep in mind to regularly update the robots.txt file because it helps to restructure your site.