Free VPNs are available online. But most of them are not at all reliable. You might b thinking that your IIP address is anonymous. However, the free VPN can lack the ability to safeguard your details online. So without your knowledge, you will be providing data to the hackers. Torrenting will lead you to tread over the uncharted websites. You never know what the source of the site and whether it even has the security certificate is. So torrenting over a free VPN is not a safe idea anymore. 

Paid services work well

Of you subscribe to a standard quality of VPN, you can securely do the torrenting. The servers are not as overpopulated as the free ones. As torrenting is heavy on bandwidth, many of the free VPN services block the P2P traffic. It reduces the additional burden on the servers. But for the paid services such things won’t happen. The premium VPNs will have the infrastructure as well as the network to provide the necessary P2P servers for surfing the siti torrentThe speed of upload or download won’t decrease if you avail of the paid services. These service providers can allow much heavy traffic at the same time owing to having thousands of servers all across the globe. 

Limitations are not there

If you use the free VPN, you will feel the anger on seeing the limitations of the use, especially when it comes to torrenting. The free VPNs will impose a particular data allowance cap if you are a non-paying customer. It will restrict the daily use of torrent and reduce the speed as well. Also, the encryption level will be elementary, which is easy to crack by hackers. On the other hand, on using then paid service, you will get the military level of encryption for your data. It will be impossible for hackers to decode the encryption.