In keeping it all about the customer and helping global businesses reach their highest potential, Vizen Analytics (a Wyoming company) utilizes data-driven analytics to help logistics and freight forwarders gain a competitive advantage over their competition. Into this foray has come artificial intelligence protocols to enable a way to harness data more effectively for better actionable insights – and we have found that most businesses already have all the relevant digital data required to optimize performance. The problem is that current enterprise resource planning (ERP) and transportation management systems (TMS) software may not be fully enabled to handle and process today’s dynamic data requirements.

A transportation management system is a subset of supply chain management focused on a logistics platform that uses technology to help businesses plan, audit, execute, and optimize the physical movement of goods, both incoming and outgoing transportation operations. Many Freight forwarders may use it stand alone or as part of an ERP solution. The TMS usually “resides” between an ERP or legacy order processing and warehouse/distribution module, with a typical scenario encompassing both inbound (procurement) and outbound (shipping) orders to be evaluated by the TMS Planning Module, ultimately offering the user various suggested routing solutions. However, most TMS and ERP systems hide a dirty little secret: They lack the responsiveness and innovation necessary to process all that is needed in today’s dynamic data environments. These antiquated software solutions are utilized for their effectiveness, yet they often fail to deliver the optimal speed and value desired in tracking complex shipping performance KPI’s. As a result, freight forwarders don’t always receive the right actionable insight and predictive analytics needed to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

Vizen Analytics offers several solutions including: Analytics as a service for short term problem solving and Empowered-AI SaaS for on-going KPI analysis. Both options provide extensive automated analysis and handle virtually unlimited volumes of data, securely. We utilize a proprietary predictive analytics process, enhanced by state-of-the-art deep learning in AI technology to generate accurate and transparent results enhancing your entire business operations. Vizen’s AI services are fully managed as well, reducing the time commitment, workload and technical complexity required to analyze your data in real-time. While Empowered-AI is not considered a direct replacement for existing transportation management systems rather it is designed to coexist and augment TMS in harmony and cost efficiency, ensuring the value is always delivered to meet your expectations. And, if your business has yet to automate its operations, then now is the time to take advantage, to move past clipboards, spreadsheets and phone calls to manage your ever-increasing workloads.

As companies push to position their fulfillment and warehousing operations as close to their customers as possible, we envision TMS helping them achieve that goal. According to our research, in fact, the “niche players” in the TMS market, over the next few years, will become challengers – meaning they’ll be giving more traditional providers a real run for the money.

Going forward, we expect to see more innovation on the vendor side and higher TMS adoption rates on the shipper side…and Vizen Analytics will be right there to grow along with these strides.