Before sunrise Vietsub is a romantic film directed by Richard Linklater and starring Ethan Hawke and Julie delpe. The film was released in the United States on January 27, 1995. The film tells the story of the American young Jesse who meets Serena, a French schoolgirl, on the train. They have a good conversation. They visited the city and talked about each other’s past. Finally, they agreed to meet again in half a year. Click here to watch free Before Sunrise vietsub online, and you can also Watch Romance Movies Online Free.

Before Sunrise vietsub’s Plot

Jesse (Ethan Hawke) is short of money and decides to get off in Vienna to spend his last night in Europe. The next morning he flies back to the United States; Selena (Julie del PEI) suffers from aerophobia. After visiting her grandmother in Budapest, she chooses to return to Paris by train. Two strangers met in the carriage. During their conversation, they found that there were so many topics between them. So they talked happily all the way until the train stopped in Vienna. Jesse is reluctant to part with salina and suggests that they get off and go to Vienna for a whole night. Salina agrees. From afternoon to dusk, from night to dawn, the two people’s footprints have covered every corner of Vienna. They chatted about trivial things in life and exchanged their views on things. Love began to permeate the streets of Vienna, in the ambiguous night, in the beautiful music, in their eyes, in the amorous kiss on the ferris wheel, and in their words. In the 14 hours before sunrise, the two hearts attracted each other, so they agreed to meet again in Vienna half a year later.

Before Sunrise vietsub Review

In this film, the storyline of Hollywood love movies hardly exists. On the contrary, what the audience sees is unrestrained rambling: about parents, about music, about past boyfriends or girlfriends, and death. They even dressed up as different characters and pretended to talk on the phone. There is obviously sexual attraction between the male and female protagonists, but this sexual attraction is reflected through slow and warm methods. The center of the film is the conversation between men and women, not their sexual relationship. But this is more romantic. The contrast between conversation and sexual intercourse between men and women is like the contrast between clothes and naked bodies. The former is full of endless changes, teasing, camouflage or personal expression; The latter is just a one-off deal.