To make the scenario more palpable, some benefits that arise when putting this strategy in motion when selling on shopee for instance are:

Productivity Increase

You already know that the automation of processes makes exchanging information more agile. However, another important point related to this is the implementation’s impact on your sales team’s time management. We say this because, with an automated system, your analysts no longer have to worry about repetitive and mechanical operations – that is, your company goes through a process of increasing sales productivity;

Right Customer At The Right Time

Therefore, the automation of service and sales helps you have a clearer and more panoramic view of your business, making it simpler to assist and handle customer issues when they really need it (or even before they even realize they need it). In addition, you can customize offers and impact the right customer at the right time!

Reduction Of Operating Costs

The two previous points lead us to the consequent reduction of operating costs. This is possible from the most efficient use of its resources and reorganizing the employees’ working time. This means, even with a team of the same size (or even reduced), you can achieve more and better results than before;

Decreased Occurrence Of Errors

By performing an automated service, you can also guarantee the generation of more agile and reliable data, which, as a machine system manages them, significantly reduces the tendency for errors;

Increase In Loyalty Rate

Automating customer service is also an online selling idea to sell more. That’s because, with process optimization, you create differentials and facilitate customer relationships – points that count a lot when choosing companies today. With an automated service offering agility, security, and quality, you increase your chances of customer loyalty.

In addition, it is worth remembering: the market is increasingly competitive, and customers are more demanding. With the growing appreciation of the user experience in purchasing relationships, strategies such as automating service become an essential point to stand out among other players.