Influencers have gotten a bit of a negative reputation, but you can still use them to your advantage to get quality backlinks. Establish a long-term working relationship with a well-known influencer in your field and you will both benefit. It is better to keep using this influencer than to find a new influencer every time. Influencers are not only more attractive ladies who wear a certain item of clothing, but there are also plenty of influencers outside of fashion. Designate someone known in your niche who has popular social media pages on that topic and you will reach his or her entire audience when you ask to post a backlink. 

Write press releases Write press releases for quality backlinks

Not every industry benefits from it, but by writing and sending out press releases you do much more than just improve your publicity. You can publish your press releases via websites such as and If you then place a number of links to your website here, you will improve your backlinks. Again, it is best not to add too many links and that the press release is of course primarily intended to inform. You can buy backlinks in the right deals now. 

The big advantage of this option is that you place the backlinks yourself and therefore check the quality yourself. Another big advantage is that if your press release is shared, your backlinks will be multiplied. With this option, it is important to remember that the main purpose of the press release is not to gather backlinks, but to interest and inform readers. Your press release should therefore appear professional and have something important to say.

Use social media 

There are still few companies that do not have social media accounts and you also use these to collect backlinks. In addition, social media is of course decisive in measuring the popularity you have. The more interaction, the more followers and the more likes, the higher you will be in the search engine results. That is why it is important that you regularly put an interesting post on your social media channels, containing a link to your website. Hopefully your post will then be shared. If you have a blog, ask the readers if they want to share it on their social media. The more your post is shared, liked, or retweeted, the better it will be for your SEO and backlinks.

Which social media can you use?

There are a large number of social media channels you can use. The best known of these are of course Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is also possible to choose a social media channel that suits your industry.