We usually use forced restart to solve this problem when the computer crashes. But notebook computers do not have reset key like desktop computers. How should the notebook computer be restarted, and will we hurt the power supply ?

This question is old, but all the answers do not touch on a fundamental question. Take HONOR Laptops as an example. We don’t see the reset key on the machine. How to restart? In fact, all you need to do is press the power key for a long time. Holding down the power key to force shutdown is not the same as pulling out the power to shut down. It is the same for notebook computers and desktop computers. Press and hold the power key to shut down. In terms of hardware, it is to hold the PWRBTN # pin for a period. When the power key is pressed, the hardware turns on a clock Timer. If it has not been lifted for more than 5 seconds, it will trigger the shutdown action. This is not to cut off the power supply. But to follow the common shutdown hardware process.

You should know, in fact, there are many power rails on the CPU and motherboard. Shutting off the power is not simply to cut off the power supply. There is a complicated timing for shutting down each power rail. It should be followed in a certain order. At this time, the ACPI mode entered is G2 instead of G3 with power supply. And some areas of the motherboard are powered.

That is to say, holding down the power key, it looks like turning off the power. In fact, it still needs to go through a complete shutdown hardware process. It is no different from the normal shutdown in hardware process. There is an essential difference between unplugging and power supply.

The hardware process is the same, so where is it different from ordinary shutdown? The difference is that the operating system has been skipped. Whether we click the mouse or press the power key to shut down. The operating system, Windows or Linux, will be notified to try to shut down safely. The operating system and firmware work together under the ACPI specification to shut down the computer step by step. Including saving files and so on. Skipping these actions is light and the unsaved files are lost. In serious cases, the operating system files may be broken and cannot be started.

Therefore, holding down the power key to shut down will not damage the hardware at all. And the hard disk will not be powered down at once with the function of power-down protection. It is the same as the normal shutdown. What really needs to be worried about is the security of data.

If the power is unplugged or the power is cut off at home, will the hardware be harmed? In fact, mechanical hard disks are not problems, what really needs to be worried about is SSD and motherboard. There are FTL logic blocks in the computer. The transformation tables of FTL’s logical and physical blocks must be stored on NAND Flash, otherwise it will cause confusion. There is a large amount of DRAM on high-end enterprise hard disks to accelerate, and the contents must be stored. Similar to mechanical hard disks when the power is normally turned off, SSD can write this information in the appropriate place. So you don’t have to worry about the damage to the computer caused by forced restart or power failure.